This adult erotica site is the worst and most harassing adult sites on the web. Their general board is unmoderated and the web owners don't care that their site is being run into the ground. Most of the members are alts and trolls hired by social marketing companies who spam the site constantly. The members are mean, vindictive and constantly post personal information and my account has been tampered with and hacked into (and so have other members). It used to be a decent site until these loser members overrun it with their childish, demeaning antics. One woman's account was tapped into and somehow they found her email and someone sent her very degrading pictures (*** type pictures).

The general board is not even the adult part of the site (it's supposed to be general chat).

I highly recommend that you stay away from the site--it's a cesspool. I know a few people who are trying to bring legal action against the site based on the harassment and stalking issues on there. It's really bad.

Just say no to Literotica--the worst adult web site on the web!

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It's a lie. There is no free speech. They ban you if you don't play along with their ideals and illegal tactics!!


I make anonymous comments pretending to be a Literotica mod on other sites because I am a loser and have no life.

Paris, Texas, United States #582939

Literotica is a great hacking site, so much information there.

I met a few folks at litogethers and found some nymphomaniacs there.

Then there is SeanH, he never seems to have enough hoochie.


There's a guy on there named busybody that has been harassing me and calling me names for years. It seems like a fun website to write and discuss erotic literature, but I just can't get past that guy to enjoy it. It's a real shame.


I tried using the forums to lambast bronkOH!bama, but all teh LIBZ and DUMOHS had me on IGGY!


He's probably just some ultra-conservative hater.

I've been a member if Literotica for years. It's raunchy and free-wheeling, but there are some great stories and great people on the site.


It's true! It's all true!

The lies, the attacks, the racism, the trolls! Oh, the huge manatee!


apparently I cannot write the word p3456o3456r3456n.

when did that become one of Carlin's 7 words?


last time I looked, Literotica was about ***. When did it become your forum for validating your personality?

Unless, of course, there is no part of your personality EXCEPT ***. In that case, I am not certain that my approval or disapproval of Literotica's behavior is going to be of much assistance.


I am a moderator at literotica.com and I do not believe in free speech at all. But I do all threads attacking americans and white people. i feel it is good for reading.


I've been a member on Literotica for a few years now. I've never been hassled, have no experience of racism either but then again, I'm only on there to read the stories which is the whole purpose of the site anyway isn't it?

Access to free erotic literature.

Sure, some of the genre's are not to my taste but that's just me. We're all allowed to be different.


No way would I hang out on this site!


Your sick!The entire site is disgusting! I belong to it but not much longer.


I accept animals none are human.


I think of all those animals I can screw. I cant stop it.Humans cant have my body


Cyberbullying forum covers everything. I'm the owner and want to sell it off.

I'm angry these kids won't get off my lawn! Long live Literotica !


The site is full of black supremacists and it is a breeding ground for anti white hate.


pervy warped forums for pervs such as myself


I never go on this site, caught my 13 year old son on it.The site is now barred from our computer.Most of it is pervs, people cheating on their partners,usual sickos.Certain there is a few on it are not this way.


I am a moderator on literotica. Yes I admit that I am a closet *** and Ilove to promote anti white threads through my endless number of alts.

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